Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wassailing with Richard Blais

Wondering about large, shiny, and expensive gifts for the holidays?  Chef Richard Blais was on the ready to demonstrate a few things you might add to your list for Santa this year.  Even better, he took a little time out of his day to show me how to make Eggnog ice cream in minutes!  If you remember how much I love ice cream, you know he has my heart. 

If you watch Top Chef (you should), you'll remember Richard Blais from Season 4: Chicago, and from Top Chef Masters.  What you might also remember, is that he a gadgety, and sciencey guy.  Also, very lovable and down to earth.  Nothing egotistical or arrogant about him.  His first culinary position might surprise you.

So, sit down.  Take a load off, and watch Chef Blais perform some magic.  (and enjoy his caught off guard expression with my last question)

And a quick cheat sheet for your convenience:  

:28    How to make ice cream/gelato using dry ice?

4:35  What do you like to cook around the holidays that isn't as traditional, or different?

5: 48 What do you recommend if you don't have a double oven and are preparing meals for the holidays?

7:30  There is a mixed attitude with fast food in the food world.  Some What are your fast food guilty pleasures, if any?  (spoiler - he loves the McRib!)



  2. Right? He is incredibly cool and kind. Love watching him on Top Chef and Iron Chef.