Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mad Dogs of UT, LLC

Mad Dogs of UT, LLC Cart

With as much exposure to food and different places around the world that I've had, one thing remains consistent...my love of street food.  Salt Lake City has just received a tasty new gift, wrapped in bacon.

Mad Dogs of Utah, LLC is the type of food cart others should aspire to be.  The factors of food cart success are all there - quality ingredients, attention to detail in cooking, and amazingly friendly service in the form of Rudy.  If you ask him, he will tell you all about how service is what sets you apart.  He pays attention to his customers and will chat you up if you like, wait patiently as you pore over the many options, or even take your order over the phone to make your delectable bite handoff even quicker.

What caught my eye, then my stomach, and finally my heart, was his offering of a bacon wrapped dog.  Rudy takes premium hot dogs, wraps them just like little gifts (to your tongue) in bacon, and then lets them bubble and crisp on the grill.  While this is happening, he also grills your bun and will grill mushrooms and/or onions to pile atop if you like.  If you want a side of conversation, he is happy to oblige.  More of the silent type? No pressure - he'll leave you be.

Rudy of Mad Dogs of Utah, LLC and Menu

The bacon dog is indeed delicious.  Due to the elements of seared fat and hot dog casing, your dog will gleefully crunch under your bite.  If you want to add a little kick or yin to your yang, you can add A1 sauce or syrup.  

Bacon Dog with A1 Sauce

Mad Dogs of Utah, LLC also offers breakfast.  Biscuits & gravy, hash browns, breakfast sandwiches (a buck and a half? Can he be serious?) and more.  At lunch, Rudy also offers a French dip, hamburgers, turkey sandwiches, and tacos.  He is also happy to make an item gluten-free upon request.

So if you love food carts - and bacon - you must visit Mad Dogs of Utah, LLC.  He is a Salt Lake win!