Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm home again. Well, just while I eat this.

My dear friend from work had the lucky fortune to attend a conference in San Francisco.  I printed out a map and marked it with some of my favorite places, you know, in case she had a moment where she was not in a meeting (or decided to take a "bathroom break" for a few hours).  I was really excited when she called me Monday night to ask about food choices.  She had attended a VIP event that served finger foods. And once those little treats were gone - they were not replaced.  I can't even tell you how much I have to say about that.

The fortunate thing about San Francisco is that you can even go to a food court (at least at the Westfield) and find good food.  This is where I sent her for a quick bite.  I wish she had had time to check out some of my fave spots (Mama's, Yank Sing, Tartine) but alas she did not.

She did however have time to bring me this.  And how I love her for it.  I devoured it in two days.

 You don't even need butter for it - but you must toast it.  Sourdough=home.  Sigh, I think I need to take a trip.

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