Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fat Witch Brownies: Worth Getting Fat?

I first became aware of this bakery when my husband and I booked our trip to visit New York for our anniversary and my interview at Serious Eats.  We were booked at Gild Hall and had a screaming deal thanks to Priceline.  I was a little uneasy about the hotel as it had antlers as decor which is not so much my style.  But I felt better about it as I read the reviews on Trip Advisor.  Being the eater that I am, I was especially excited at the thought of having brownies left on my pillow in place of chocolates.  Which led me to Fat Witch.  Apparently Gild Hall gave up this practice a few years ago but when they did leave brownies they were Fat Witch's.  I loved the unique idea used by Thompson Hotels but also loved that they were supporting a local business.

But I digress.   Since I had been disappointed in April by not receiving my Fat Witch brownie "pillow mint" I had to remedy the situation.  Fortunately, I work in Chelsea and the Chelsea Market is relatively close by.  

I ended up with two brownies (do I ever buy food for one person?  Answer, always no.)

Taste results?  Original Fat Witch: check no.  While moist, the brownie was devoid of any real brownie texture and overly buttery without the necessary fudginess to make it a brownie.  I'm the type of girl who appreciates MORE chocolate added to brownies (in the form of chunks, chips, Hershey's kisses, etc.)  

Caramel Fat Witch:  check yes.  Maybe it was a fluke on this one but it actually had some crustiness to the brownie which added the needed texture the original Fat Witch lacked.  It still wasn't my ideal brownie but the caramel added to it and made it a bit more interesting.  The original just lacked any pizazz that would lead me to return.  

Verdict?  Great packaging and name.  I'll consider giving it another go but I suspect this is a meh in the brownie world.  

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