Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twenty Restaurants, Twelve Hours

Oh Twitter, I've grown to love you.  I judged you once, as many do, to be superficial and spacey.  I was wrong.  Well, mostly.  You satisfy the ADD in me better than just about anything out there...what?  Oh, well, almost.  Sometimes, you're still kinda slow.  But you also bring me wonderful news.  A week and a half ago a saw a little something on Twitter that made my heart happy.  Carey Jones, of Serious Eats fame, had let the possibility of a stop in Salt Lake City slip.

I was delighted.

Emails were exchanged, flights confirmed, and a restaurant list compiled.   And the day arrived.  Stretchy pants were worn.  My heart and stomach squealed with excitement and terror with each new edible encounter.  It was a fantastic day.  I was elated that I got to hang out with Carey for the day and assist in Serious Eats' success.  They are the best work family a girl/guy could ask for.  I'm providing the list of eateries we frequented that day.  Descriptions for each would result in an online novel so I'll spare you for now.  I will do you the honor of marking my top five* of the day.

Bon Apetit!

(Disclaimer: We ate at places that fit the chapters going into the Serious Eats book.  So don't be saddened that some of Salt Laker's favorite places are left out.  Also, we only had one day and we each only one one stomach.  A few bites or more at each place times 20 - you do the math.  10,000 calories?)
  1. Banbury Cross
  2. Les Madeleines*
  3. The Park Cafe
  4. Finn's
  5. Eggs in the City
  6. Tulie Bakery*
  7. Tony Caputo's Market & Deli
  8. Bruges Waffles & Frites*
  9. Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana
  10. Capo Gelateria
  11. Chow Truck
  12. Dolcetti Gelato*
  13. The Back Door Deli
  14. Cows
  15. Maxwell's East Coast Eatery
  16. Cafe Rio
  17. The Cotton Bottom Inn
  18. Busy Bee
  19. The Copper Onion*
  20. Nielsen's Custard


  1. Seriously? How did you possibly visit all of those and really get a taste of them? I'd love to hear some more detail in a follow-up post, Alison. Sounds like an amazingly delicious time.

  2. It's a skill you learn quickly when you're surrounded with food constantly. Our tasting table at the Serious Eats office was/is a merri-go-round of food.

    I'll definitely be following with posts that review the restaurants. One bite at a time : ).