Monday, October 18, 2010

Crave It Giveaway! Burn Cream MD (for your owies)

To Win:  Leave a comment about how you've burned yourself.  And follow me while you're at it.  

After having been in some professional kitchens, it is easy to see why you would keep Burn Cream MD around.  Leaning once on a hot burner taught me to be a bit more careful.  And left a funny ring shaped burn on my palm.  Roasting marshmallows and then plunging my fingers into the sticky, hot mess.  Also, very, very painful.  I pretty much burn myself regularly. 

Let's be honest, freebies rock. Even more so when it's free stuff worth over a buck. (although, honestly, I could get excited about a free chicken burrito from Taco Bell).  In this case it's more in the realm of $29.99.  And Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali both keep it in their kitchens!  Burn Cream MD was developed for use in the kitchen or wherever you might burn yourself.  It has lidocaine to take the sting away.  I could have used this a few times in my past.  Like when the flaming marshmallows would not shake off of my fingers no matter what I did.

Courtesy of Healing Skin, I am giving away your choice of Burn Cream MD in lotion form or handy wipe form.   The New York small world thing?  This awesome cream was developed by my old boss, Dr. Diane Madfes, spokesperson for Garnier Nutritioniste and dermatologist extraordinaire.


So, friends, if you would like to win this celebrity endorsed, dermatologist created burn cream, please leave a comment about a kitchen burn (or whatever you want to comment on - let's be honest - we're free flowing here) and become a follower of the blog.  Entries will close at 5:00 pm MST next Monday.  I'll announce the winner soon after.  After all, we all need something to ease the burn of "a case of the Mondays." 

Good Luck!


  1. I need this! Most recent: campfire burn - while camping over the weekend...the culprit - a cast iron pan in which I was attempting to turn over a tortilla with my bare fingers for our super yummy breakfast burritos. :-( P.S. The burritos were worth it though!

  2. A klutz like me is probably always in need of such things :)

  3. I am queen of burning myself with my curling iron. I have the scars to prove it. The most memorable happened not too long ago. I decided to curl my hair while watching a movie so I brought my curling iron into my room along with a mirror and set up shop in front of my TV. Often times while I am getting ready after my shower I just stay naked... So I was curling my hair naked, watching a movie and accidentally set the curling iron down on my thigh. I had a HUGE burn. I am super awesome, I know.

    Oh, I just thought of a kitchen related one. When I was younger I accidentally put my carebear onto the oven and it had oven-shaped burn on the back of its' head. Sad day.

  4. I burn myself all the time, but don't have any major burns. My boys on the other hand scare the dickens out of me when they help me is only a matter of time before a big accident happens.

  5. After having been in some professional kitchens